Age with Grace, Strength and Beauty

Age is just a number, Beth Djalali is the living proof of that. In fact, she is proof positive that you to can age with grace, strength and beauty. This is something that what we as women all strive for. 

Is Age a Number?

The problem is, age is a number to which many have attached great significance. Somehow, many of us have managed to give it more meaning than it should. Aging is inevitable. There’s no doubt about that. But, reaching a certain age doesn’t mean you become invisible. Sure, it’s easy to get caught up in the negative self-talk. But, it’s what we do to change that mindset that can make all the difference.

Remember: Perceptive is Objective

In a world that often defines and limits people by age, perspective is objective. Because growing older can mean absolutely anything you want it to mean. So, if this is true, can you reframe what growing older means to you? Exercise, diet, even attitude can be as important as genetics when it comes to aging with grace, strength and beauty. 

Change Your Perspective by Adopting Easy Everyday Habits:

  1. Maintain a positive attitude, it goes without saying, you are what you think when it comes to aging. 
  2. Feed your body with food that fuels it, nutrition plays a major role in how your body ages. 
  3. Exercise regularly, staying active is a vital part of aging gracefully. 
  4. Stay social, close connections to your family and friends help you live longer.

Become Unapologetically Yourself (It’s Beautiful)

We are all on a journey to find joy, passion and a sense of purpose in the best years of our lives. And, the key to doing this is discovering our vibrant, authentic and timeless selves. Isn’t it time for you to become completely, unapologetically yourself? If so, you must learn to let go and pursue what really matters. 

Here’s How:

  1. Do not try to please anyone but yourself
  2. Embrace your imperfections
  3. Focus on the you
  4. Be fearless
  5. And remember, being you makes you unique, embrace that!

Redefine Aging & Get Back to Enjoying Life

Redefine aging is something we live and breathe at Chateau La Jolla. We believe retirement is an invitation to become the very best version of you. In a world that often defines and limits people by age, when you believe anything is possible there is nothing that can stop you… not even your age.