Warm Places to Retire Near Water

“Dreams are made of sand and sun.”


Best Places to Retire

Looking for warm places to retire near water? If bright skies and warm temperatures are on your must-have list, La Jolla California fills the bit! Besides the warm weather and sea, La Jolla offers a distinct cultural identity and a range of activities for retirees. 

From trails that wind past breathtaking scenery to countless sights and attractions, retiring in this Seaside village comes with many perks. Lapping waves, majestic views, and all the vitamin D you need, it’s hard to resist the allure of life at the beach. 

Experience endless ways to spend your days. Shop, dine or play, it’s up to you this area offers a sun-kissed experience like no other. So, if you love the sun, sand and surf, La Jolla California may be the best place for you.

What Makes La Jolla a Great Place to Retire?

With dramatic coastlines and trails that wind past breathtaking scenery, it’s no wonder La Jolla California is one of the more popular places to retire. But that’s not the only thing that makes this area great. There is a wide range of activities, events and restaurants galore. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have excellent medical facilities to choose from. 

And despite what you may have heard, you can retire in La Jolla affordably. The key here is, choosing the right retirement community in La Jolla. But not just any community, one that is located in a walkable neighborhood. And, there is no place more walkable than, The Village of La Jolla. Scenery, climate, proximity to everything you need, there is no other place that tops the retirement lifestyle in La Jolla! 

The Village: Find Your Spot

The Village of La Jolla, often referred to as, “The Village,” is a walkable urban area that is packed with art galleries, one-of-a-kind boutiques, shops, restaurants and museums. With world class surroundings, the accessible ocean beaches, upscale shopping rivaling the world’s finest, plus the convenience of all that San Diego has to offer, makes the Village a sought after retirement spot. 

So, if you are looking for warm places to retire near water, maybe it’s time to plan a trip to tour the property of Chateau La Jolla. Located in a quiet residential pocket on Prospect Street, one of the Village’s main thoroughfares, is where you will find this gem.

Affordable Coastal Living Community

Take advantage of La Jolla’s Cultural abundance. The wonderful restaurants, the diversity of people. The beautiful parks and beaches. The fresh air and mild year-round weather, combined with great dining, a diverse culture, and a community that is as organic as it surroundings, can be yours at Chateau La Jolla. No costly entrance fees, just affordable coastal living. Call us today at (858) 459-4451 to book a tour of our property.