Life’s Second Act

“In life, the first act is always exciting, but the second act – that’s where the depth comes in.” ~Joyce Van Patten

Redefining Retirement

In life, the first act is always exciting. But, in life’s second act, that is where the depth comes in. If you are a boomer thinking about your second act. Odds are that two things rightfully and understandably are on your mind, money and health. But do not ignore the importance of purpose and meaning. Embracing your true self radiates natural beauty that cannot be diluted or ignored. Confident, powerful, and untamable, this is the very essence of who you are. In truth, how could it be otherwise? You are a part of a generation that reversed centuries of discrimination. For without you, where would we women be today? So, when you think that life has given you all that it can. Think Again! 

Reinventing Your Life

Reinventing your life after retirement, it’s what you always dreamed about. But somehow even with the best intentions, you break the promises you make. Now is the time to shift your focus and energies from meeting the needs of others to reclaiming and renewing your essence. So, how will you honor your own voice?

Shifting Your Values

Retirement is a fruitful time to develop creative projects and activities that inspire you. You deserve to celebrate your internal sense of freedom and fully express yourself. Both in your opinions, and through creative outlets. By choosing those aspects of your life that give you energy, engage your heart and bring you joy. You can uncover your unique passions. In other words, it is now necessary to become very clear about what is important to you at this time in your life (values). For, values are the windows to the soul. And as such, they are your inner guide to living life with purpose and fulfillment. 

Engaging Your Own Sense of Freedom

Start to engage your own sense of freedom by recognizing what you value. To do this, answer the questions below and be specific with your answers:

  • What is your personal definition of success?
  • And, what are your goals for achieving that success?
  • Additionally, what aspects of your life are most important to you now and why?
  • How do you or are you honoring your own voice?

Passion Changes Everything

Remember, passion changes everything. Maya Angelou said it best, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, humor, and some style.”