Downsizing For Retirement

Downsize To Upsize So That You Can Rightsize Your Life!


The prospect of downsizing for retirement can be daunting. And, the thought of moving, well it can be overwhelming. But did you know, downsizing your home can upsize your happiness? That’s because downsizing means less stress, more time and energy, more freedom, greater amenities and a better location.

Downsizing means so much more than just less space or less stuff. It means engaging in an active, convenient and carefree lifestyle. And, who wouldn’t want that! Whether you are wondering wear to downsize to, or need a little help getting started, we offer some tips for successful downsizing in retirement.

Upsize Your Happiness

Downsizing is not a prerequisite to moving into the next phase of your life like most retirement blogs write about. Although it is an emotional process, it is a chance to upsize other aspects of your life. This can mean downsizing some parts of your life such as moving into a retirement community so that you have the physical space, mental freedom, and financial resources to make your external world match your inner goals, ambitions and passions. So, rather than thinking of downsizing for retirement as an unnecessary process, think of it as an opportunity to upsize your happiness and rightsize your life.

Rightsize Your Life

To rightsize your life, you have to downsize your stress. When it comes to physical possessions, the goal is to create an environment that supports your goals. This can mean minimizing your costs so that you can invest in your passions. To get started, we offer some insight below.

How To Start This Process:

  • Ask yourself the right questions (create an environment that supports your goals)
  • Make the right decisions (minimize unnecessary costs to invest in your passions)
  • Do it for the right reasons (focus on what makes you happy)

Design The Life You Want to Live…

You are the architect of your own life. You are the sculptor, the painter, the artist, and the author. This is the time in your life when you get to design and craft it the way you want it. And, while there are a lot of books on retirement, the only book that really matters is the one you write!