Resident Story Theresa Schoen

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”


Getting to Know Theresa Schoen

With a background that is as diverse as it is interesting, Theresa’s hometown is Vietnam. And, while that is interesting enough, in her younger years Theresa worked for the U.S. Government as well as the U.S. Officers Club. She was a General Contractor for the U.S. Government, and for the U.S. Officers Club she worked as a manager and an accountant.

It was during this time Theresa met her husband, Frank. They have been married 42 years and have a daughter, Mickey, who is a CPA currently living in Redondo Beach, CA.

Da Nang, Vietnam

As a single woman in her twenties living in Da Nang Vietnam, she was one of the few women to own and drive a car.

We Rise By Lifting Others…

She volunteered in orphanages helping to place children in homes.

At Home She Hosted & Entertained…

She entertained and hosted Robert Kennedy, the U. S. Attorney General; U. S. Ambassadors to Vietnam; General Walt, the U. S. Marine Commander in Vietnam and Major Bowen, the Army Commander in Danang.

Swimmer, Tennis Player & Hostess

She loves to swim! And, when she lived in Vietnam, she loved to water ski. Today, Theresa swims three mornings a week at La Jolla High School and is an excellent tennis player. In fact, she won several Women’s Championships in Vietnam. Teresa loves to cook and host dinner parties to this day.

A Welcome Addition…

She is a very welcome addition to the Chateau La Jolla Retirement community…