Resident Story Rachel Harvey

Poetry Is Her True Passion!

Getting to Know Rachel Harvey

Rachel was born in Monticello, Utah, only because her family’s home town of Blanding was so small that the closest hospital was miles away. Within a year of her birth, her father took a position that relocated the family to California. 

Raised as a Mormon, Rachel spent a year and a half on a mission in Ecuador where she learned the Spanish language. Although she was encouraged to marry rather than go to college, after her younger sister broke with the church and graduated, she decided to do the same.

A Calling To Become A Teacher

From a two year college in Palo Alto California to San Jose State University, she majored in Psychology and minored in Sociology. After graduating, she felt a calling to become a teacher. So, over the next several years, she put her knowledge of Spanish to use as a teacher at a private school in Sacramento California. 

From Teaching To Poetry…

Rachel is currently working on an advice book to share the wisdom that she’s gained over the years. In addition to this, she also loves crafting poetry. In fact, she loves poetry so much that she leads a bi-monthly poetry share group.

Poetry is her true passion, as is her cat Pearl. A funny lady, she teases that she has even written love poems to her cats over the years.

Life-Long Dream…

Rachel chose to move to Chateau La Jolla because living near the ocean has been her life-long dream. Despite being handicapped in a car accident, she’s always positive. She can easily be spotted cruising around on her blue scooter, always with a smile.