Resident Story Neva Woolley

An interesting and varied life – life describes Neva Woolley. She has worked a surgical nurse, traveled with her husband, done impressive volunteer work, and been mother to children and stepchildren.

Getting to Know Neva Woolley

Neva is originally from Texas. She comes from a large family, her mother being one of eighteen children and her father one of seven. As a result, at one time she had 53 first cousins on her mother’s side, 14 on her father’s side-making a total of 67 first cousins!

After living in Arizona, she and her husband came to California, where they lived most of their lives. Travel? All the time! For five years, they traveled in a motor home, seeing much of the United States.

She Loved Her Work and Performing…

She has had a long career – 23 years as a surgical nurse, working seven years with a vascular and general surgeon. In addition, she has been a school nurse, also a visiting one. She loves drama, has performed in musicals, acted in skits and plays since high school. She has also volunteered for the La Jolla Playhouse and Lamb’s Theater.

Volunteer Work…

Her volunteer work is most impressive. For ten years, she worked part time in a mission in Mexico, worked with the Lahu people in Thailand, and was nurse for Chinese students in Christian China for a month.

Over The Years…

Over the years, she has found time for other activities and hobbies. She enjoys singing (she is a mezzo soprano), sewing, cooking, doing crossword puzzles and in younger years loved sports, especially swimming and tennis. Another favorite pastime? Reading! Neva’s husband died in 2012. They had two children, a son and a daughter as well as five stepchildren – three boys and two girls.