Milly Bentrott

Meet Milly

Born in Wetzlar, Germany, one of seven daughters, Milly grew up with her mother, and father who worked as a forester. This was an important position in Germany.

In fact, German foresters were so important, they helped shape the course of forest management in India (Colonialism and Professionalism: A German Forester in India, 2021). Whether caring for trees or other flora and fauna in the forest, her father’s position offered her family a comfortable lifestyle.

In 1929, her mother emigrated from Germany to New York to work as a Nanny. But, that changed quickly during a visit to Germany where she met Milly’s father. 

An Eye For Fashion

From a fairly young age, Milly was always drawn to fashion. But she was often disappointed about the limited color pallet of grays, blacks and beige that were common at that time.

Because of this, she decided to enroll in fashion school in hopes of transforming the industry. For her, seeing more color in women’s fashion was everything!

By the time she completed an apprenticeship as a fashion buyer, Milly realized she could be both a buyer and a designer. She went on to launch Milly Stinton Fashion, married shortly after and adopted a son who now works as a teacher in Australia.

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From Germany to the Chateau

Over the years, she lived in Germany and the US. In fact, at one point, she went back to her home country where she was married again, but it was brief.

In time, she returned to the US where spent years working at Chateau La Jolla, mostly at the front desk and eventually retired. For Milly, the Chateau already felt like home. So, moving here after she retired only made sense.

New Found Passions

Now, knitting is a passion that links her to fashion and design. Those who know Milly, know that she is dependable, social and generous. In fact, you can usually find her knitting clothing for others. From jigsaws to word searches, Milly also enjoys working on puzzles. For those who live at the Chateau, Milly is the person to know! Especially if you’re curious about the history!

The fresh air and mild year-round weather, combined with great dining, a diverse culture, and recreational activities can be yours at Chateau La Jolla. No costly entrance fees, just affordable coastal living.