Resident Story Marjorie Meyer

“To Teach Is To Touch A Life Forever!”

Getting to Know Marjorie Meyer

Like many at Chateau La Jolla, Marjorie is a widow. However, she has an extensive family. With two sons, a daughter, an adopted daughter, and ten grandchildren (ranging in age from thirteen to thirty five years). She also has sixteen nieces and nephews, four stepchildren and six step grandchildren!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world. ~Nelson Mandela

From Teaching To The Culinary Arts…

Marjorie has had done so many things. From being a high school teacher and community college professor to being a counselor and Foreign Student Advisor at the Los Angeles Valley College. When she retired, Marjorie and her husband moved to Yountville in Napa Valley, where she then worked as a concierge at the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena.

She Often Spends…

A memory that amuses her is that when hostess for her son’s rehearsal dinner, she introduced over one hundred people some of whom she had just met that night! She often spends two or three nights a month sleeping at her son’s house or at the homes of friends, so she is teased about “sleeping around!” Her interest and hobbies include cooking and reading. And, after her husband passed away, she took up square dancing!