Resident Story Gerree Bonny

“And, Then I Realized… Adventures Are The Best Way To Learn!”

Getting to Know Gerree Bonny

Gerree truly loves her life in La Jolla! Since she was a little girl La Jolla has been her hometown. La Jolla holds so many memories for Gerree, it’s the same place she met her husband, Maury. La Jolla High school to be exact, it was at a very young age they fell in love. Gerree and her husband married at St. James, and had their wedding reception at the La Valencia.

Family, Where Life Begins & Love Never Ends…

Gerree and her husband are proud parents of three lovely children.

Her Son Operates Polar Bear Cams…

Their son Craig, who lives nearby in Clairemont is now retired. He loves spending time in his garden and volunteering at the San Diego Zoo. Interestingly, Craig operates live zoo cams from his home. In fact, the Polar Bear cam is only one of many live zoo cams he oversees. Their daughter, Dee Anne lives in Arizona with her husband, Charlie. Their youngest daughter, Gale is familiar to Chateau La Jolla residents! Not only does she work at the front desk she’s also one of our drivers. Competent and extremely likeable Gale is not only a wonderful addition to the Chateau La Jolla staff the residents also love her!

International Paddle Boarding Competition

They also have two grandchildren, Kurt and Matthew. Kurt is a lifeguard caption who lives in Oahu, Hawaii. Recently, he took 4th at The International Paddle Boarding Competition! And, Matthew a computer whiz who lives in Little Rock, Arkansas with his wife is also a proud parent of three lovely children. His daughters (Gerree and Maury’s great granddaughters) Kylie, Sophie, and Emma are his heart.

One Of The Greatest Gifts You Can Give Is Your Time…

Over the years, Gerree has devoted her life to helping others.

In The Service Of Others

Over the years, Gerree has devoted her life to helping others. From being a Pink Lady at Scripps Memorial Hospital to being a Girl Scout leader and Room Mother at La Jolla Schools, for many years Gerree dedicated her time to helping others. Today, none of that has changed. While she may not be a Pink Lady, she still spends her time in the service of others. With a knack for knitting baby caps, she does so for newborns at Scripps Hospital. And she does a little fine needlepoint too.

A Love For Travel

Gerree loves traveling, and has enjoyed many wonderful trips with her husband, who retired at 55. Over the years, they have explored several National Parks including Gerree’s favorite, Yosemite. From the United States to Canada, often times in the motor home, Gerree and her husband explored all they could. And, because they loved it so much, they shared the experience with their daughter Gale. They showed her some of their favorite places, including the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Yellowstone National Park, and Victoria, Canada. With a love for travel, Gerree, and her husband also went on many wonderful cruises, including their favorite, the Riverboat Cruise in Europe.

Living At The Chateau…

Living at Chateau La Jolla has been a joy for Gerree. From the view of the ocean to sea birds, and boats, Gerree has even seen gray whales traveling by!