Herman “Butch” Hansen

Meet Butch

Born in Davenport, Iowa, Herman AKA “Butch” has also lived in other states throughout his life. While in Arizona, he attended ASU, where he majored in Business. From there, he went on to become a Human Resources Manager for US steel companies all over the US.

Interestingly, he and his wife lived in Pittsburg, California and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (what are the odds). From there they moved to Birmingham, Alabama where Butch and his wife started a family. With two kids and four grandchildren, he watched his family grow and thrive.

Rosarito, Mexico to Arizona

Butch and his wife retired to Rosarito, Mexico where they were involved with the ex-pat community. While the country offered incredible ocean views, eventfully Butch and his wife moved back to the states. Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona was there next place of interest. 

And, if you are wondering why it’s called Pinetop… they just happen to have the world’s largest stand of ponderosa pines. Pinetop which sits halfway between Phoenix and Albuquerque, is a resort area that has everything but desert.

Pinetop to La Jolla

Now living in La Jolla, California, Butch is still very active. In fact, during summers you can find him in the pool where he swims laps twice a day. He’s that guy laughing by the pool with the impossibly deep tan. Although he’s a bit private, he loves to make new friends.

Butch has lived in a larger retirement community here in La Jolla, but relocated to Chateau La Jolla for its smaller population size and quality of residents. He advocates that we all do our best to maintain a positive lifestyle here at the Chateau.

The fresh air and mild year-round weather, combined with great dining, a diverse culture, and recreational activities can be yours at Chateau La Jolla. No costly entrance fee, just affordable coastal living.