Marjorie Meyer


Like many at Chateau La Jolla, Marjorie is a widow. However, she has an extensive family: two sons, a daughter, an adopted daughter, ten grandchildren, (ranging in age from thirteen to thirty five years) sixteen nieces and nephews, four stepchildren and six step grandchildren!

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Joan Drinkwater


Joan has had an impressive career. For years, she was the owner of 4 clothing stores called The Caribbean Shops. They were located in Palm Springs, Scottsdale, Laguna Beach, and La Jolla. The La Jolla shop was located in the “Green Dragon Colony” and later relocated to Girard Avenue and renamed the Nutmeg Tree.

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Retired Life


We often visualize a retired life as happy, stress-free, and relaxing. While getting a little R&R is important, there is a limit to how much napping and puttering around one can do. Without a plan for life after retirement, many retirees may find themselves feeling vaguely restless and unfulfilled. As a result, it leaves you feeling like you are craving something more. But, you have no idea what that something might be.

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Active 55 + Communities


Active 55 + communities also called active adult communities are designed for retirees who want to live an independent and active lifestyle. For anyone who wants to stay healthy and active in retirement, it’s important to look for places that encourage healthy active independent living. Keep in mind; you will come across many retirement communities offering an active adult lifestyle. However, their meaning many not necessarily matches yours. For this reason, defining what an active adult lifestyle is can mean the difference between finding the right retirement destination quickly or not.

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Inner Critic


I think, therefore I am. Life can either be a treadmill of mundane details, or it can be an adventure filled life full of uplifting experiences. Whether happiness is a goal or journey, it is important to understand how perception shapes our world. In fact, how you perceive yourself can influence, limit, or enrich your life experiences. For this reason it is important to understand how your inner voice can either be a powerful stepping-stone or a major obstacle to reaching your goals in retirement.

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Active Aging


Active aging is a term used to describe a way of living. Rather than approaching life with a negative mindset, by maintaining a positive wellbeing through good physical, social and mental health you can improve your overall quality of life. No matter what your age, staying and feeling your best is important. But as we grow older, there are a number of major life changes including physical ones, loss of loved ones, retirement, and children leaving the home that can challenge us. How you choose to handle and grow from these challenges is the key to staying healthy.

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What You Think


Self-confidence is a powerful thing. But there is something even more powerful, what you think. A wise and powerful man who single handily transformed the transportation industry once said, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” This famous quote from Henry Ford, the founder of the Ford Company, encapsulates the very core of why positive thinking works. Yet, many people do not fully understand just how powerful their thoughts are. The mind is a powerful thing! It controls how you perceive yourself and the world around you. In fact, your thoughts are responsible for everything that happens in your life.

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Retirement Tips Downsizing


There are many benefits to downsizing in retirement, but they all boil down to one thing, freedom. Top reasons for downsizing include, to lower monthly housing costs, maintaining a big house is too much work, and to free up cash. It’s all about freedom. Whether you want to free yourself from the costs of being a homeowner, or simply want a life that does not include mowing the lawn every Sunday, downsizing may be the answer.

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Gerree Bonny


Over the years, Gerree has devoted her life to helping others. From being a Pink Lady at Scripps Memorial Hospital to being a Girl Scout leader and Room Mother at La Jolla Schools, for many years Gerree dedicated her time to helping others. Today, none of that has changed. While she may not be a Pink Lady, she still spends her time in the service of others. With a knack for knitting baby caps, she does so for newborns at Scripps Hospital. And she does a little fine needlepoint too.

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