Active Life


With more people living active lives than ever before, how you choose to spend your retirement is really up to you. There are limitless ways to fill your days. But a more active life almost always means a better quality of life. In fact, exercise can actually help you fight memory loss, lift your mood, and function better than ever simply by elevating your heart rate and breaking a sweat. By elevating your heart rate you allow blood to flow quicker and more efficiently. Thus helping your brain function at its best.

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Dibby Wolfe


The youngest of three, Dibby grew up in Jonesboro, Arkansas. Shortly after graduating from high school, she went on to attend college at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. After college, Dibby moved to Washington D. C. It was in this city she went on to work for the FBI. Two years passed, and Dibby transferred to D.C. where she also worked for the FBI. With a temporary job working for Yale University, she headed off to New York for 6 months. After that, Dibby joined the State Department. So, it was back to Washington D. C. where she lived in George Town for one year.

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Retirement Life


Whether you are newly retired, or looking to add some spice in your life for the new year, retirement life should be your most grand adventure. On one hand, you may have a sense of relief that you finally get to live the way want to. And on the other hand, there is fear about what to do now that you are retired. Logically speaking you know you are retiring from work, not life. But many times, it may not feel that way. Sure it is easy to feel lost, fearful, or sad after reaching the most important milestone in your life. However, it's important to remember that life after retirement can be anything you want it to be!

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Donald Butler


Donald Butler who lives at La Jolla Retirement Community, Chateau La Jolla shares his story. With eleven children, Donald spent his younger years as an officer in the Navy during WWII, a missionary, and a police officer. Interestingly, he later became a teacher at Arizona State University where he taught for over seven years.

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Aging Gracefully


Aging gracefully is about being purposeful. Living a life filled with purpose, is what keeps us young. There is so much joy available in life, but most people get caught up in what they think they are supposed to be or do. Aging gracefully means you need to treat yourself well both mentally and physically. Aging is a natural part of living. And yet, so many of us fight this inevitably. We somehow perceive our youth as the time of excitement, ambition, and hope.

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Doris Southard


Warm and engaging, Doris is a people person who makes friends easily. She has two sons – Douglas, a retired judge, and David, who has a Ph.D. in computer science. She has five grandchildren and four great grand children. Surprisingly, she herself was the youngest of eleven siblings!

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Successful Retirement Life


The key to a successful retirement is about finding your own way. It is not about doing what you think you are supposed to do now that you are retired. But more about allowing life to take you in whatever direction it leads you. When you stop forcing it to be something you think it is supposed to be and just let it evolve, you will discover the happiness you are looking for. Seeing where retirement takes you, discovering who you are now that work doesn't define you, that's what retirement is all about.

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Frank Schoen


Friendly and fun – that describes Frank Schoen! Chateau residents know him as a personable guy with a great sense of humor and a whistle that lets you know where he is! He calls himself a “Southerner” meaning he was born, raised, and educated in South Dakota. His wife is from South Vietnam and he currently lives in Southern California. But he adds, “I am still a DAMN YANKEE!”

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Retirement Journey


Retirement is not about the destination. But, more about the journey. For those who want to find real value in their lives after retirement, all you have to do is follow your passion. You see, our passions help to define, inspire, and empower us. Ultimately this gives our lives meaning and purpose beyond merely existing. Remember, every story has an end, but in life every end is a new beginning.

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Joe Annino


Joe enjoys caricature drawing and cartooning. Also, Joe loves ballroom dancing, progressive jazz, fashion, and exercise. He has a deep interest in spiritual psychology and philosophy finding humor and the absence of the ego being at the core of inner happiness.

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