Successful Retirement Life


The key to a successful retirement is about finding your own way. It is not about doing what you think you are supposed to do now that you are retired. But more about allowing life to take you in whatever direction it leads you. When you stop forcing it to be something you think it is supposed to be and just let it evolve, you will discover the happiness you are looking for. Seeing where retirement takes you, discovering who you are now that work doesn't define you, that's what retirement is all about.

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Frank Schoen


Friendly and fun – that describes Frank Schoen! Chateau residents know him as a personable guy with a great sense of humor and a whistle that lets you know where he is! He calls himself a “Southerner” meaning he was born, raised, and educated in South Dakota. His wife is from South Vietnam and he currently lives in Southern California. But he adds, “I am still a DAMN YANKEE!”

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Retirement Journey


Retirement is not about the destination. But, more about the journey. For those who want to find real value in their lives after retirement, all you have to do is follow your passion. You see, our passions help to define, inspire, and empower us. Ultimately this gives our lives meaning and purpose beyond merely existing. Remember, every story has an end, but in life every end is a new beginning.

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Joe Annino


Joe enjoys caricature drawing and cartooning. Also, Joe loves ballroom dancing, progressive jazz, fashion, and exercise. He has a deep interest in spiritual psychology and philosophy finding humor and the absence of the ego being at the core of inner happiness.

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When you retire, you have to rewrite your script. You must try to formulate an interpretation of this life transition called retirement. The way you seek and express meaning and purpose from life, transforms each minute you are alive. Over your lifetime the cause and effect of your experiences have either brought you closer or further away from being fully present in the moment. As a result, this is the crossroad where you may wonder, what now brings meaning and purpose to my life? Now that my job no longer defines me, what does? In our work-oriented society, it is easy to think about retirement as the end of your value. We become so wrapped up in our work identities that the prospect of losing that identity is scary. The reality is, you are not alone.

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Jane Bradford


“Teacher and musician” – that is how Jane describes herself. For 37 years she taught English at The Bishop’s School in La Jolla where she was Department Head, teaching every level from 8th grade to seniors. Her love for music shows in how eloquently she plays the piano. Everyday after lunch you can hear the sweet melodies coming from...

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Neva Woolley


An interesting and varied life – life describes Neva Woolley. She has worked a surgical nurse, traveled with her husband, done impressive volunteer work, and been mother to children and stepchildren. For ten years, she worked part time in a mission in Mexico, worked with the Lahu people in Thailand, and was nurse for Chinese students in Christian China for a month.

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Ignite Your Passion


Regardless of age, adults over 55 can live fully in every area of their life. Whether you are a history maker or a marathon runner, life is as rich as you make it. Developing a passion for life as we age is as easy as rekindling the fire within you. Life’s second half is a wake-up time. A time in life to ignite your passion and explore the unexplored. Passion is a force and it demands our attention, these are the years for reclaiming the unknown. An unexplored world awaits you so, dig deep, and ask yourself, what is your what. It is here you will find your passion.

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Retirement Lifestyle


Retirement lifestyle is all about the journey. For the second half of life, make a decision to live with purpose. Let your heart be the guide you need to take you on the journey of a lifetime. And, while the thought may seem like something impossible to do, what do you have to lose. In order to transform your life after retirement, you must take action. Now is not the time to by shy, or stand back.

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Redefining Life


Redefining life after retirement provides an opportunity to live a purposeful life. It is the time to do what you love and try new things. Retirement is a chance to reinvent yourself. Retirement is a time of transformation. If you are ready to begin the journey of a lifetime, now is the time to make that happen. Learning to love this part of life is about going all in. So, paint, write, golf, or hike, it does not matter. As long as you stay true to who you really are, life will embrace you.

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