Retirement Journey

“It’s Not About The Destination It’s About The Journey.”

Retirement, A Journey Not A Destination

Retirement is not about the destination. But, more about the journey. For those who want to find real value in their lives after retirement, all you have to do is follow your passion. You see, our passions help to define, inspire, and empower us. Ultimately this gives our lives meaning and purpose beyond merely existing. Remember, every story has an end, but in life every end is a new beginning.

Too easily, we may resign ourselves to accepting life. Rather than grabbing all life has to offer we simply allow ourselves to find comfort in routine. Instead of actively engaging we find safety in merely existing. And, we choose to watch from the sidelines often unaware of all we are missing. No one needs to merely exist and just go with the flow! Each of us has the ability to discover what we are most passionate about.

Passion Is Not A Routine…

If your life has a certain comfortable rhythm yet restlessness still sets in. Make sure you are not settling. While a retirement routine is a good thing to have, merely existing is not! Retirement is the time to do anything and everything you have ever wanted to do. It is your time to re-energize physically, emotionally and spiritually.

“Sometimes you get to what you thought was the end and find it’s a whole new beginning.”

Anne Tyler

Retirement, A New Chapter…

Throughout your working years, you most likely viewed your retirement as a destination. And, while that served its purpose. You are here! Retirement is not a finish line or the end of the road. Retirement is simply a milestone you pass on your journey. It is the beginning of an open highway. It is a road that will continue to unfold before you. An exceptional chapter in your life. One you get to write each day.

This is your time to be fearless, to pursue and do all those things you could never do when you were working. It is your time to see things in more than just a one-dimensional state. After all, retirement is a journey. With the right attitude it can be the best adventure of your lifetime. It is not an end. Rather, it is the beginning of new possibilities.

“You know all those things you always wanted to go do? Now is the time to go do them!”