Walkable Communities

The neighborhood in which a retirement community is situated, is an important aspect to walkability. 

Walkable Community

If you want to incorporate more activity into your everyday life, walkable communities provide many ways to do that. Whether you’re taking a stroll to a local restaurant or running errands on foot, walkable communities are places people want to live, especially retirees.

In the age of the Fitbit and a growing population of active, engaged retirees determined to make their daily 10,000 step goal, retirement communities need to be located in a walkable community.


Put simply, walkability is the extent to which a neighborhood supports walking.

Why It’s Important

As an example, a one mile walk through a neighborhood like the Village of La Jolla will take you past numerous restaurants, shops and walking trails. In fact, almost anything you can think of is within walking distance. But, you have to live in the Village to take advantage of this.

On the other hand, rural areas force you to use your car for everything. For this reason, retirees should seek a community that is in walking distance to shopping, restaurants and entertainment. With this in mind, here are some characteristics to look for:

Neighborhoods that have:

    1. A center
    2. Complete streets
    3. People
    4. Mixed income, mixed use
    5. Public spaces and parks
    6. Schools and workplaces
    7. A pedestrian design

A good example of a retirement community that is located in a walkable community is Chateau La Jolla. With a walk score of 87, living here would mean you can do almost anything on foot. And, who doesn’t want that!

Walkable Neighborhood

From taking a stroll to George’s for dinner to running errands on foot, Chateau La Jolla is down the street from everything you need. And, everything you need is under one roof. Convenient services and amenities, gourmet dining, entertainment and transportation. 

Take advantage of La Jolla’s Cultural abundance. The wonderful restaurants, the diversity of people. The beautiful parks and beaches. The perfect year-round weather, at Chateau La Jolla. No costly entrance fees, just affordable coastal living.