Staying Sharp

Did you know that moving out of your comfort zone is the key to staying sharp and physically young? In fact, research shows to stay cognitively young, staying active is one of the best things you can do as you age. Other habits like challenging yourself, being social, eating healthy and getting enough sleep, also play a role in staying sharp mentally. Just ask any SuperAger. 

What’s a SuperAger? A SuperAger is someone in their 80s or older who have the mental and physical capacity of their decades younger counterparts. The point is, an aging brain isn’t a weak one. But, it takes work to keep your mind fit. So, if you want to stay sharp as you age, you need the habits of a SuperAger. Wondering what habits you need to become a SuperAger? We offer some insight below.

What Does it Take to be A SuperAger?

Scientifically speaking, the average person’s memory peaks in their 30s and begins to decline thereafter. But, SuperAgers follow a different trajectory. What this means is that although it’s normal for brainpower to decline as you age, it’s not inevitable. In fact, there are some people who remain sharp well into their 80s, 90s and beyond. These people are defying the common assumption that decline is a natural part of aging. 

Common Habits of SuperAgers:

  • They live an active lifestyle.
  • SuperAgers continue to challenge themselves.
  • They are social butterflies.
  • And, SuperAgers indulge

How to Keep Your Brain Sharp & Healthy

Don’t let your age defy you! If you want to keep your mind sharp, the best thing you can do is modify your lifestyle to support your brain health. While there are no guarantees, there are steps you can take that will help keep your mind sharp as you age. And, the best time to start is NOW!

Keeping Your Mind Sharp:

  • Keep your body strong and healthy with exercise.
  • Choose a heart healthy diet.
  • Always make sure you are getting enough sleep.
  • Connect with your friends and family.
  • Challenge yourself by learning new skills, playing games, reading or indulging your passions. 

Bottom line, eat well, stay connected socially, exercise, get enough sleep and stay mentally active.