Redefining Retirement

“You must believe in redefining the impossible.” ~Unknown

Redefining Retirement

Active and engaged are two words synonymous with redefining retirement. Today, retirement is about reinvention, of your life, and how it’s lived. It’s a continuation of life that allows one to fulfill all the things they dreamed of doing. Whether that means embarking on an entrepreneurial endeavor, or continuing an education, retirement is a time in our life that continually expands. That is, if we allow it. At the end of the day, retirement means what ever you make it mean. And, what’s so great is that we can define it in whatever terms we want. When you approach retirement with curiosity and an open mind, the possibilities are endless. 

Embracing Uncertainty

This time of life can be one of significant personal growth. However, you must stay open-minded, curious, and optimistic. That’s because, curiosity gives you an optimistic, forward-thinking perspective on life. And, rather than looking backward wishing things were as they used to be, we see our lives as a quest to discover and grow. Curiosity is about recognizing and seeking out new knowledge and experiences. And, instead of desperately trying to explain and control our world, we embrace uncertainty in a way that works in our favor. By embracing uncertainty and welcoming curiosity, you’ll never be afraid to explore your interests.

Tuning Into Your Curiosity

Curiosity is the most powerful thing you own! You see curiosity creates room for new experiences, which then lays a path for different opportunities to experience discovery and happiness. Not only does being curious about things give you the drive to learn, it gives you a sense of wonder. And, it will also open your mind to grow. Curiosity is the core of all creativity, the drive to do something better, to experiment, to tinker, to create. One of the best ways to tune into your curiosity is to start exercising it more consciously in your daily experiences. By doing so, you can transform routine tasks, enlivening them with new energy.