It is not the age, it is the attitude that defines us.

Ageless Aging

When I dream, I am ageless, therefore transformation can start at any age. Most people think of retirement as an off switch. You work hard, you retire and age. But today, age is truly just a number! In fact, as more and more baby boomers continue to transform the meaning of aging by pursuing their passions, aging transforms to ageless.

For, it is not the age, it is the attitude that defines us. We can become truly ageless when we can do the things that matter to us. So, if you want to be ageless, now is the time to reinvent yourself.

The Reinvention of Oneself

Transform, make different, modify, adjust, shift, evolve, what does the word reinvent actually mean? Reinvent does not mean investing in something new. It means to leave behind things that don’t serve us, and embrace those we think as valuable. Discovering the ineffable sense of being alive, is what reinvention is about.

Our purpose, passion and interests can have many different vehicles of expressions. Whether it’s a passion for numbers or you are just discovering the hidden chef within you, the reinvention of oneself, begins with you. 

How To Reinvent Yourself

The best power of reinvention lies in leveraging everything you’ve ever done. This is how you tap into the unappreciated and unarticulated skills, insights and expertise you have gained along the way. Reinventing yourself can start with small steps, big steps or huge leaps of faith, but the important thing here, is to take action. To help you get started, here are a few steps you should take:

  • Create a vision
  • Write about your reinvention
  • Surround yourself with visual reminders
  • Break your vision up into workable tasks
  • And, take action