A Message From Wendy Matalon, Managing Director

Updated: August 03, 2021

We are so looking forward to the completion of Normandy building renovation. It has been a long haul, complicated by the issues created by COVID. We are anticipating the completion of a floor at a time, starting at the top, opening a month at a time, August, September, and October. It is so exciting! We will have 21 completely renovated, beautiful apartments as well as common areas. The décor will be traditional French, coordinating with the first-floor lounge and the newly renovated dining room. Not all of Chateau is traditional, the Terrace building is quite contemporary, and the Prospect building is transitional. Each building has its own distinct character. We have a style for every taste! Some time before the end of the year we will be having an open house to showcase our available apartments.

At Chateau we are 94% fully vaccinated. We have worked really hard to keep everyone safe thus far but because of the change in positive cases in San Diego County, we are taking some additional precautions. We are now asking all visitors, guests, contract service providers and vendors to show proof of vaccination to the front desk staff or wear a mask when at Chateau. I know this is a step backwards, but we are not willing to risk the safety of our staff and residents for the sake of convenience. We continue to offer tours, but we will be asking prospects to follow the same precautions.

We have had a lovely, although brief, taste of normalcy over the last few weeks and will now be stepping back to a more cautious position. I had hoped we were on the way back to a more permanent state of “open,” but I guess I was wrong. 

For now, the dining room and other activities will remain open to residents and guests who are vaccinated. Unvaccinated residents and staff will need to wear masks when in common spaces. They will also need to eat on the patio or at a socially distanced table in the dining room and refrain from attending indoor activities.

Hopefully this too shall pass.



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