Living Life, Loving, Life Longer By Getting Stronger…

Staying Active in Retirement

Staying active in retirement is so important for today’s retiree. For many, the allure of retirement is fabled in time with traveling, and hitting golf balls. But the reality is, retirement can bring on depression and for some, bring on a sedentary lifestyle that contributes to poor health. Aging does not have to bring poor health and frailty. Just because you retire does not mean you have to slow down. And, you shouldn’t!

The fact is, prolonged periods of sitting and maintaining a sedentary lifestyle, can have serious impacts on your health and quality of life. As we continue to live longer, the focus on an active, healthy retirement is becoming more and more important. In the past, retirement often meant a change of pace both in terms of lifestyle and levels of activity.

But healthy retirees are finding they can remain healthy and vibrant by, engaging in social and community events, and staying active with a regular exercise routine. Remember, aging does not have to mean declining health. By igniting new passions and adapting to change, you can stay healthier as you grow older.

An active lifestyle is within your reach. By incorporating some new, healthy habits into your daily routine, it will be easier to maintain than you might think.

The Payoffs Of An Active Lifestyle

Regular exercise helps you maintain your strength and agility. And, with a stronger body, you can reduce your risk of falling. In fact, a study published in the Oxford Academic concluded that grouped based exercise improves balance and reduces falls in aging adults. So, whether you’re hiking up a mountain trail, swinging a tennis racket, or even running with your dog on the beach, you’re doing your body well. Besides being fun, physical activities promote stronger bones, improved strength, balance, and agility.

Staying healthy after retirement is not just about staying physically fit. You also have eat right and keep your brain healthy too. So, the question is how can you stay physically and mentally active? From dancing and gardening to Tai Chi and pilates, anything that gets you moving and your heart pumping is good for your health. Keep your brain in shape with more freeform activities like reading, playing board games, or by indulging your creative side. Any type of mentally stimulating activity counts, so sing, paint, or play a few hands of bridge.

Regardless of age, anyone who takes part in regular physical activity is privy to countless health benefits. In fact, you would be hard-pressed to find any research suggesting the older you get, the less active you should be. Make your health a priority! Remember, retiring from work does not have to mean stepping back from a full, healthy life. By staying active both mentally and physically you are making your life more enjoyable.