Welcome to Chateau La Jolla

Chateau La Jolla is an independent senior living community located in La Jolla, California that offers apartments designed for senior living. Our community sits on a two-acre estate, 1/2 block from the ocean. Every aspect has been specially designed for comfort and convenience. Our unique, layout ensures that everything is always within easy reach.

We have specialized in serving the 55 and over population for over 40 years. Our apartments are designed with you in mind. Our staff is here to ensure you have time to enjoy what the Chateau, the Village of La Jolla, and the beautiful coastline have to offer.

You can relax by the fireplace, read a book or tickle the ivories in our beautiful Le Salon Lounge, entertain guests in the Normandy Dining Room, or take a walk to the charming restaurants, markets, museums, and galleries, just a few blocks away.

“I walk a couple of miles a day and truly enjoy what La Jolla has to offer.”

“Chateau La Jolla is a luxurious residential facility. Located in the midst of one of the most exclusive and desirable resort areas in Southern California.”

“We have loved every minute we have lived at Chateau. It is a wonderful place to live.”

“I had forgotten that today was the day for my weekly house cleaning. Not only was my apartment clean, but my bed was made with fresh linen! What else could I ask for?”


Third Act of Life: Reinventing Yourself After Retirement

Life is a journey filled with various chapters. As we transition from one phase to another, we often seek reinvention. The third act of life presents a unique opportunity for self-discovery and personal growth. Explore the process of reinventing yourself in the third act.


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